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The core activity of VIT is its children’s program, which includes all aspects pertaining to the all-around holistic development of the children admitted through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) from full-time care at its baby home to the time they are placed in foster care completing the legal formalities of adoption as per the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act.

Recognitions & Approvals

o   Registered under the Charitable Trust act of the government of Tamil Nadu

o   A FIT Institution to take under its care and Custody of abandoned & orphaned Children by Central/State Authority

o   Department of Social welfare recognized licensed as a Special Adoption Agency

o   12AA/80G approved U/S of Income Tax Act

Brief History

The adoption care facility at VIT was started in 2017. With collaboration and under the guidance of CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority), GOI, New Delhi, and SARA (State Adoption Resource Authority), TN Govt. have approved VIT as a Special Adoption Agency for both In-Country and Inter-Country Adoption. Anyone wishing to adopt a baby has to necessarily apply online on the CARA website and submit the prescribed enquiry form.

The JJ Act was amended in 2017 and made to be a very fair, transparent and seamless process for PAP’s (Prospective Adoptive Parents) to apply and fulfil their cherished dream of adopting a child. After completing all the legal procedures, with the approval of CARA, prospective parents can legally adopt a child. "Adoption” means the process through which the adopted child is permanently separated from his biological or surrendered parents and becomes the legitimate child of the adoptive parents with all the rights and privileges.

The first step is registration with CARA ( Adhering to all legal parameters from the Pre-Adoption process through the Adoption process to the Post-Adoption process may involve a lot of patient waiting. Adopting a child is a liberating experience. It relieves a parent of all stress and frustration of being childless. A child can fill one's life with joy and peace. The Child also finds a Happy & loving Home.

Process of Admission of Babies

The Babies are admitted from newborn to 5 years of age by CWC/SARA (State Adoption Resource Authority, Government of Tamil Nadu), VIT seeks to place the babies abandoned, orphaned and surrendered children who can be legally cleared through CWC and CARA (Child Adoption Resource Authority, Ministry of Women & Child Welfare, Government of India) in adoption to prospective adoptive parents in India and for adoption overseas.

Home for Children

New born to 5 year old babies are admitted through the State Adoption Resource Authority...

Adoption Services 

In society, a loving family provides the optimal nurturing environment for the development of humanity...

Child Development

The early formative years of a child’s life are very important for his or her health, well-being and development...

Post Adoption 

All members of the adoption circle should have access to education, support, and resources at every stage of life...

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